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My shop
Indonesia furniture supplier and manufacturer, have experience more than 30 years to support wholesaler and retail. Specialize in the production and export of Indonesian furniture. specialist that focusing on export and wholesaling based in Ubud, Bali. Our main product is many kinds of Balinese pop art classic and modern and masks, handicrafts, furniture and marble. First started in 1976, we exported purely Balinese handicrafts to many countries in US, Europe and Australia. The production of our products is tightly supervised for quality control team made us got many awards from government and international institutions as recognition of our high quality craft and furniture In 1986 we invented the Balinese Popular Art (Balinese Pop Art) and got the copyrights for the invention. The booming of Balinese Pop Art in the world market led us to be the biggest handicrafts producer and exporter in Bali. Supported by 1300 craftsmen we could export up to a 40 feet container of best quality furniture and handicrafts every week.


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